Green Bee Life presents original programming featuring adult recreational, medicinal and agricultural cannabis lifestyles as they evolve with the benefits and challenges of legalization. Informational and entertaining content based in fact and compassion, covering news & talk, food & recipes, travel & leisure, science & education, sustainable living & culture.

Travel & Leisure

If life is a journey, then experience is the purpose.  Destination information for those who enjoy the Cannabis lifestyle is here.  Recommendations for hotels, nightlife, daytime activities, dispensaries, restaurants, events and culture are available here.

Food & Recipes

The cannabis kitchen is ready for its grand opening. Explore the culinary art of gourmet cooking with cannabis and learn the many ways to cook and consume it responsibly and efficiently.

News & Talk

Get inside the lifestyle with us. We bring you the trending topics and in depth news surrounding the cannabis industry. It’s real talk about what matters to you most, every day at 4:20pm.

Science & Education

Everyone has an opinion, is it fact, is it fiction?  Content based in scientific research and fact is what we aim for, hoping to make the common misconceptions surrounding cannabis, a little less…common.  Stay in the know!

Culture & Sustainability

Green Bee life brings the modern Cannabis lifestyle to the mainstream.  Engaging in art and culture to sustainable living makes this booming industry more relevant than ever. The subculture is growing – with you, With us.

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