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What is National Honey Bee Day and why it is important - Green Bee Life

What is National Honey Bee Day and Why It Is Important

– August 20, 2021

(Updated on June 30, 2022)

Green Bee Life Honors National, now "World" Honey Bee Day!

If you are feeling the buzz that is because we are swarming with excitement! National Honey Bee day - now World Honey Bee day is upon us, August 21, 2021, an awareness day when beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and associations, and honey bee enthusiasts from across the United States celebrate Honey bees.

Honey Bees are one of the top pollinators of crops, responsible for one in every three bites of food we take, and lead the way for medicinal plants.

Honey bees make delicious and nutritious honey that is high in vitamins and been credited for reducing many diseases naturally.  Bees even support our supply of dairy production critical of our global food supply. There aren’t many things Honey bees can’t do for our world. 

Let’s talk about the nutritional benefits of honey. Not only is it delicious, but it has also been linked to a number of therapeutic benefits. Cardiovascular disease for instance, antioxidants that the honey provides might be associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Have you had a Cough? Studies suggest that eucalyptus honey, citrus honey, cbd honey and Labiatae honey can be a reliable cough suppressant. Gastrointestinal disease, evidence suggests honey might help relieve and soothe gastrointestinal tract conditions. Neurological disease, ingesting honey might offer antidepressant, anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety benefits. Wound care, topical use of medical-grade honey, has been shown to promote wound healing, particularly in burns.

Honey used correctly has been known to reduce the reliance on pharmaceutical drugs.

Did you know honey and CBD make a great combination?  “The phytonutrients in honey are responsible for its antioxidant properties, as well as antibacterial and antifungal power.  They’re also thought to be the reason raw honey has shown immune-boosting and anticancer benefits.  Although it is not entirely conclusive on how many more conditions can be treated or controlled with CBD honey - we cannot ignore the number of anecdotal evidence by enthusiastic consumers or studies done by Universities over the span of the last decade, each of them to have been found valid.  Go ahead and add a little honey to your food and daily wellness routine.

Bees support the growth of main crops including nuts, fruit, and even cannabis.

With new evidence of cannabis being a safe and natural alternative to drugs, bees have a very important role in the evolution of healthcare as well as the food industry. Have you noticed more accessibility to cannabis? With the power of honey and cannabis, you can envision our world buzzing with healthier options.

In fact, not only do bees support cannabis growth, but in times of floral scarcity, while cannabis plants do not produce nectar, their pollen is helping to feed bees. 

As you can see, science and mother earth can join forces. 

Happy cows eat happy alfalfa, pollinated by guess what? Honey bees! Dairy cows eat alfalfa that produces milk and is used to produce many dairy products that we eat, including ice cream.

Most importantly, without bees, according to Albert Einstein, humans would have only four years to live, which seems plausible enough.

Please celebrate honey bees on National Honey Bees day with us! Honey from bees provides natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, that can help heals us,  and is a critical part of the global food supply. With the decline of honey bees over the past the three decades, there is much to do, and you can learn more and support bees by visiting:

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Posted on August 20, 2021
Updated on June 30, 2022

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