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- Just look at the plant. It’s a really cute, fluffy, green plant.

Just another plant in your garden. which is really what it is.

So I think that helps start the conversation for a lot of families.

It’s just a normal plant that you can now grow at home,

and that helps really facilitate those conversations around using CBD.

- Maria Calabrese, Founder of green bee life. And I'm joined with Emily Gogol,

who is head gardener of Grow It From Home and she's bringing hemp plants

to people's homes to grow it from home.

- Thanks for having me, Maria.

- Thank you so much for joining.

- This is a USDA organic certified hemp seedling.

And we ship direct from our farm to your doorstep.

And you can also gift these lovely plants  to your friends and family.

- We are about finding the products that our Hive loves

and discovering the ones that you will love.

I'm so excited to have you here Emily, today

to show us how to do a hemp floral bouquet.

- Thanks, Maria.

Thanks for having me. Yeah so, today we're gonna arrange a flower bouquet

using hemp foliage. And I just wanted to say that what I talk about today,

it goes for whether you're using roses, carnations, mint, ferns, boxwood.

Whatever your flower arrangement of choice is,

what I talk about today applies equally. 

I know some folks get a little intimidated by flower arranging

but I'm going to share a secret with you guys today.

You can go to your regular grocery store, I just picked these up at

the rural grocery store down the street to my farm yesterday.

They're not artisanal bespoke flowers by any means.

There's just the regular $9.99 set of flowers

from my local grocery store. And you can just pick some of those up,

just pick out what looks good to you and you really can't go wrong

because I'm gonna show you the three easy steps

to arranging any flowers,

whether it's hemp or other things that you get from the store.

So, the first thing to do in any arrangement is to collect your supplies.

So I have the greens here that have been, I just cut some foliage

from my baby hemp plants that I have on the farm

and I put them in some water.

And then I have my just regular grocery store flowers.

And I just picked out what I liked.

And you should just pick out what you like.

And then you wanna have the container,

and just a mason jar filled with water is fine.

And I always recommend that folks put their greens in first.

So whether you're using hemp, which is shown here

or you're using mint or some other kind

of greenery, eucalyptus from your yard or from the store,

I like to put the greens in first. They kind of formed the

backdrop of your arrangement. And you really can't go wrong.

Just start floofing in some of your green. The main thing is not so much

how much water is in the jar, as long as the stems are covered,

is that you change the water every other day.

It, the, your arrangements will last so much longer

if you have fresh clean water in the vase there every day.

- Is it just an old wives tale about putting an aspirin in the water or,

- You can do it.

There's also special floral powders that you can add

that have special nutrients and preservatives but clean, fresh water is the best bet.

If you wanna add special floral preservatives or aspirin, you can.

But, to be honest, I never do.

- Okay, good.

- In my experience, I found that the flowers I grow at home last the longest.

- Okay, so, if you are a backyard gardener

or soon-to-be backyard gardener,

and if you have potted plants or plants in the ground,

in your yard or on your patio and can cut them,

great but not necessary because you're gonna show us how pretty this is gonna look.

- Yeah, it's absolutely not necessary.

You know, often, even when I lived in San Francisco,

I would just grow a few little plants in my garden

that I could cut flowers from or share with friends.

And you don't have to buy them from a store

but if you don't have access to greens,

- Sure.

- Don't worry about.

Just go get some flowers that you like.

- I'm gonna imagine

that the greenery is pretty hardy and versatile.

So, you can switch the flowers out, right?

- This foliage, especially hemp will last for weeks,

to be honest, if you change the water.

So, quite often, if I have really perishable flowers

like tulips, for example, that kind of wuss out

after a little while,

(Maria laughs)

all this-

- They do,

they do, so beautiful

but they do.

- Although they're beautiful

but tulips kind of fade really quickly.

- They do.

- So I'll leave

the foliage in my vase and then I'll just pluck out the tulips

and then I'll put something else in, like the Sweet William

and just pop it into the arrangement and freshen it up.

So, it's a great way to reuse your hemp foliage

'cause it lasts forever in a vase.

- Oh, that's fantastic, okay.

- One of the tricks to flower arranging is

that you wanna put your green in first.

So arrange your greens in your vase.

And then, I always work on the rule of odds.

So one, three, five or seven.

So choose one, three or five kinds of flowers

to add to your arrangement.

So, if you wanted to make something really dramatic,

you could just add this one bundle  of Sweet William to the side

and that could be  like a very just dramatic flower arrangement.

If you wanted

to make it more colorful-

- Wow.

- With different varieties-

- That's beautiful.

Right there all ready.

- Just choose two other kinds of flowers,

keeping with our rule of one, three and five.

So now I'm gonna add some white mums to the arrangement.

So I'm just gonna tuck them in here.

- It's beautiful.

- And,

thank you.

And then keeping with our one, three and five,

I'm gonna add these purple mums to the mix.

So now I've got three different kinds of flowers

and one kind of foliage. And there you go.

That's, that's our arrangement

in three easy steps.

So, if you only have one kind of flower, add that.

If you have three kinds of flower, arrange them around the foliage

and then you can go up from there in multiple, in odd multiples.

And you really can't go wrong.

This arrangement has three different flowers and three different colors.

So as long as the colors look good to you,

put them in your arrangement.

If you like that purple with that pink, put them in.

If you enjoy it, it'll look good.

- [Maria] How did you come to your love of gardening?

- That's a great question.

I grew up as part of my chores as a kid in California

in my mom's backyard pulling the mint

from underneath the rose bushes.

Those were my earliest memories as a little kid,

having to pull the mint from underneath the rose bushes.

And my mom maintained a big flower garden

and vegetable garden

and I just grew up being outdoors with her.

And I loved eating the fresh food

and I love being outside with her and my sister, gardening.

So that's really what started my love of gardening as a kid.

- Wow!

And what's one of Mom's pro tips?

- Have a floodlight on hand

so that after work at night, you can garden.

That would be her pro tip.

- Aw!

- So, I would come home late from school

then it'd be dark

and she (indistinct) worked full-time

and she wouldn't be able to garden at night.

So she'd be out there in her garden with a big floodlight

to light in the dark.

(Maria laughs)

It's very important to me to create beautiful places

but also to educate around soil and around food where I can.

And that's why, honestly, running Grow It From Home and providing hemp

to folks is just something I'm really passionate about

and feel so lucky and privileged that I'm able to do.

- We're all lucky and privileged to have someone

with your expertise and passion

because not only do we have to educate about gardening

but we also have to educate about the forbidden fruit

and help-

- [Emily] Absolutely.

- Help normalize this amazing, amazing plant

that prior to 1937, was in vogue.

- Maria, when I left San Francisco to come run my farm,

I let everyone know why I was leaving.

And I have to say, all the little ol' ladies

in the garden we're like,

"Wow, Emily, I never thought you'd leave San Francisco to run a pot farm

but tell me more about CBD and about cannabis. I'm really curious."

And I was just so surprised when everyone came up to me

after the announcement and wanted to talk to me about

you know, this forbidden fruit, as you just mentioned.

- And I bet you're surprised to know that

with increased normalization or mainstreaming

that there were people reaching out to you asking

if they can grow this hemp plant from home.

- Yeah, I left San Francisco

to start a commercial hemp nursery and I've been working with farmers

for the last few years and it wasn't until last year I literally got calls

from regular gardeners all over the U.S. that found me

through my commercial website asking me, "Hey, could you send any plants? Is this okay?"

And I was just floored. I never thought I'd be able to work with, you know,

backyard gardeners again. And I love being able to help folks with this plant.

- Oh, that's gotta be so gratifying. Just makes me so happy to hear.

So to get a Grow It From Home plant, check out their shipping policy.

Make sure it ships to your state. Sign up for their newsletter and our newsletter

to stay tuned to know when more products become more available to your region.

You must be 21 years old or older and you could get up to three plants.

- I wish I was there smelling those beautiful blush roses next to you.

And I will, I'll talk to you guys later.

- All right, thanks a lot Emily.

- [Off Camera] Thank you.

- Bye.

- [Emily] Bye, guys.

Grow it from Home | DIY Hemp Floral Bouquet

Grow it From Home, Head Gardener & Founder, Emily Gogol, PhD shares with our GBL Hive how it's as easy to grow hemp as it is to grow tomatoes or zucchinis at home and shares her pro tips on creating the perfect DIY floral bouquet using hemp. 

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