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- Okay, hmm... That's actually a really good question. I have to think on it for a second.

- I would say that legalization has opened what's available to me.

- My consumption has changed drastically since legalization because I don't feel like I would have used CBD so soon in my regimen if it wasn't for legalization.

- I have evolved as a cannabis consumer, knowing my dosage now more and less usage than I consumed back in the day.

- My usage has increased, I'd say, over the years, just because I've kind of figured out which strain works for me and how much, so I'm now more on track in a way.

- I think I use less now because I'm finding the right products for me.

- Prior to legalization, there were only so many things that were available to me, and I think to everybody.

- It kind of opened up the doors for more products, more conversations to be had about those products, and its really opened up the doors for part of my self-care regimen, as well. It was never a part of my self-care routine and now it's a huge component, if not the leader, of my self-care.

- It helps me with my sports injuries. It helps me not be depressed. It helps me get active. Sometimes, I'll smoke some weed, and I just want to go outside, run or ride a bike. So it helps me be motivated, which is kind of weird but that's how it works.

- I'm the type of guy who can use it and still be me and still accomplish things as far as, like, planning and getting work done.

- Mostly, what was available was flower because there wasn't really much in the way of shatters and waxes and proper vapes. I didn't even really understand that tinctures were a thing until after legalization.

- Being able to use the right tinctures or understanding my ratio.

- I'm so grateful for legalization because of the fact that it is also opening up, not only the opportunity for myself to medicate differently, but for others who maybe never saw medication in the form of a bath bomb or the form of a tincture. They actually get to know about products that are gonna suit their lifestyle in addition to the ones that have already existed for a number of years.

- I feel like my cannabis consumption, the routine of it, necessarily didn't change or why I was taking cannabis. It's always for my Lyme disease with the muscle spasms and pains I get and my anxiety. But now that I'm thinking about it, I am a lot more picky now with my cannabis, knowing where I get it from: legal shops, shops that are compliant, brands that test safe products.

- A medicinally regulated marijuana. I don't want to go to Seven Eleven and get a pack of blunt cigarettes. Like that would be weird for me.

- Your options were cheaper and more readily available. However after rec legalization, there are more fancier products with amazing packaging.

- Lab testing because there are products that are out there that are being formulated and we don't really know what is in them.

- When I first moved out to California, I just figured it's medical. Everything is safe. But it wasn't regulated at that point. So now when I consume cannabis, I'm a little bit more concerned on what goes in my body and I'm a lot more comfortable taking edibles because before, I would be terrified of eating way too much and just ruining my day.

- Edibles, though? They did need to regulate them. That's close to a psychedelic. Edibles is like now, like mellower, something just to kind of make you mellow. Back then, you knew you was going on a trip. It's guaranteed, you was going on a trip.

- Edibles were something that it was like I could not even handle an edible. I would take one nibble of a brownie that a friend made and I would be, gone, gone, gone for hours and hours and hours. So I always stayed away from edibles for a long time. After legalization and with the evolution of dosing and micro dosing, it makes edibles much better.

- Exploring with edibles and micro dosing edibles, I actually probably use a lot less. I smoke a lot less.

- I think the main difference is that I'm trying new products that I normally probably wouldn't. I don't really eat a lot of edibles but part of the job is to understand what the effects are of certain edibles. So I'll try some new stuff that kind of affects me a little differently.

- I'm definitely sprinkling stuff out a lot more since legalization. I love getting my mom edibles and giving her new things to try whereas before it was very hush, hush.

- So my use before legalization was very secret.

- My sister's gotten in trouble in Alabama with the police just for driving someone to the store who happened to possibly maybe have sold someone like a nickel bag, which is, for those who don't know, a $5 bag of weed. If someone else was in her car, she got in trouble for something that she had no idea that that was going on.

- When I was in college, I witnessed cannabis be legalized in DC and watching all of that movement happen on the Hill really gave me this excitement or this energy around cannabis and what the future of cannabis would look like.

- So for people to experience that and to go just 2,000 miles over and I can go get buy one, get one free weed or I can fly home to Alabama or Tennessee now with my flower. It's definitely changed a lot and its become a lot more free.

- My consumption has went up out of state since legalization. Now you can just land where you land and blaze up.

- Patient access out of state, when you're traveling, is such a big deal. It's mapped out for you now where you can stop by whereas before, literally, we have to drive and ask and hunt it down.

- Smuggle .

- And so now being here and being able to shape what the legal narrative will be, I think has really gave me this great sense of purpose and responsibility and I'm very, very, very excited about it.

Cannabis Use Before and After Legalization | Knowledge For NewBeez S3:E03

How has Team Green Bee's cannabis use changed before and after legalization? One of the greatest things about the legalization of cannabis, according to the plant's favorite bee 🐝, Green Bee Life Founder Maria Calabrese is the conversation it has sparked which lead her on her journey from canna paranoid to canna skeptic to canna-curious to canna enthusiast and the reason for starting our Green Bee Life Hive for #NewBeez and #CannaConnoisseurs alike." Finding the right doses, the right strains, and most importantly, the right information coupled with a mishmash of inconsistent rules and regulations has made making the most informed decision about what might work for you a barrier to entry for many. Green Bee Life continues to support much-needed research through the federal legalization and global de-stigmatization of cannabis and #TeamGreenBee is committed to sharing what they've learned along the way! We'd love to know how legalization has changed your consumption.