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- A joint or two a day, which is maybe a gram or a little over a gram a day. Is that a lot? Could be a lot. It's probably a lot, yeah. It's probably a lot.

- Wow.Wow. Oh, boy. Is it bad that I don't know how much I consume in a week? Is it bad that I can't go, "This is how much really does it for the week." 'Cause it fluctuates.

- I would say I have moderate consumption. I wouldn't say do it a lot because I do microdose but I go through about a vape full of cannabis a week.

- I guess how much flower I consume on a normal day, I'd say about half a gram to a gram.

- I don't roll my joints that big or that fat. I roll joints with about maybe half gram or less.

- So with my bong collection, I have bowls that are kind of small. It's more controlled. So it's usually either two hits or one hit in that bowl, like a snap. So I would like to dose with that. One hit or two hits. I don't like exceeding more than 10 hits a day from a bong but a joint, I'd finish half a joint personally if I wanted to.

- I think if I'm smoking cannabis on a daily basis an eighth can probably last me 10 days to two weeks. So I don't really pack fat bowls and get really toasted.

- In addition to about an eighth of flower. And that can be an eighth to two eighths depending on what my needs are and if I have more than one strain because sometimes one strain will take care of things longer than others. So, I just kind of rotate depending on that.

- It really fluctuates, I think, per week, because if I'm gonna have like a crazy work week and I'm on the road or something like that then I'll take a couple of little microdose edibles.

- This is an interesting time because it's my birthday season. It's like every day is a social event. So with these, it could easily be like an eighth a day between myself with friends, we can easily go through an eighth in a day.

- I would say in a month, I probably go through two eighths and a vape. Usually it's a CBD vape and then possibly like three to four bath bombs. So, that's a pretty good amount.

- But if it's a weekend, it might be three eighths. We just went to Vegas and four friends had four eighths and we came back with nothing.

- But if I'm home or if I'm on vacation I'll spend a little bit more money and get like an infused joint or have some really delicious flower but... I don't know. I think I consume an eighth a week.

- But on a normal time, two or three blunts a day and an eighth a week.

- Yeah, if I'm rolling joints, then it would probably be about an eighth a week because you could tend to make those joints last a while. Especially if you're hanging out with one person or if it's even just yourself, you can just take one little toke and you're good. So you don't have to consume the whole joint but you roll up a couple for the week. And yeah, I'd take about an eighth.

- Probably an eighth, every two days?

- Yeah.

- In joints and blunts.

- Secondhand smoke, shotguns, people walking by down the street. Yeah.

- And then I do tinctures of CBD and that lasts about a month I'd say for usage every day.

- I got the tincture and it said, take a milliliter. They give you a premeasured eyedrop. I started with a quarter of a milliliter in the evening. It was interesting. My body let me know. And I did start feeling like I wanted a little more. So I boosted it to a half and maybe three times a week I'm taking a half to three quarters of a milliliter of a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD.

- Oh man, I can do a lot of edibles. I haven't had the chance to do edibles every day but it's an experience I would like to do. So it just depends on the mood and what I'm trying to get. If I'm just trying to chill, a low amount of will be fine. Any amount just to get me on that state but if I'm trying to have a deep session of thinking, then that's a whole different story. I can consume a lot.

- What I hear from everyone is you don't wanna start with more than five milligrams. And then wait several hours, see how you respond.

- I have no idea. I'm so sporadic with the amount that I do consume that I would have no way to know how much I do but it's very little. But if you send me some stuff, I'll up that ante.

- And then I vape CBD as needed to almost as if someone would probably, I guess, smoke a cigarette. So the CBDs definitely last longer than THC but that's a good thing 'cause CBD costs more.

- Oh, and a lot of oils. I'm really getting into infusing oils and butters. So, cooking a lot more with cannabis. In that case, I don't know. It could be a good bit. Can't keep up with all the grams.

Cannabis Consumption Methods, Tips, & Tricks | Knowledge for NewBeez S3:E01

Team Green Bee discusses the many different methods to consume cannabis and varying amounts. While knowing the different methods and choices of consumption is important, it is also good to pay attention to the amount you take in determining the best dose for you. When taking a THC and/or CBD, hemp oil extract in liquid form, tincture bottles contain pipettes that measure 1ml. Although the amount of cannabinoid, CBD, THC, THCA, etc in each pipette may vary, to estimate how many milligrams are in a full dropper dose, you can divide the total amount of milligrams in the bottle by the total amount of milligrams in your pipette.