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- Only living? Okay, this is tough.

- Gosh, that's such a difficult question. There's so many people I would love to smoke with.

- [Announcer] Green Bee Life presents Knowledge for NewBeez!

- If I can consume with anyone, who would it be? This has nothing to do with cannabis, but Barbara Streisand, if you like cannabis, I would actually smoke, I would do anything. I live and die for Barbara Streisand, I genuflect.

- It'd probably be a musician or a celebrity. I'd like to smoke some weed with Sting. That'd be kind of cool, or Snoop Dogg. Sting or Snoop Dogg.

- Snoop!

- I know.

- Snoop, I've been trying to meet up with you, dawg.

- Oh, I'm from Long Beach, so I'ma have to say Snoop.

- The most obvious, probably overstated, my uncle, Snoop Dogg.

- I had this bucket list. Of course, everyone wants to smoke with Snoop Dogg, but I got to knock that off my list last year, so that was pretty cool.

- There's this cannabis influencer, Koala Puffs, she's this really cute, quirky girl, Anjela. She's so cool, she's so sweet. I just wanna hang with her.

- I would love to just meet her and be with her. I probably shouldn't say this, but people who do know you, because there are six degrees of separation, they said, "Don't. "You don't wanna meet her because she gives you such joy. You love her so much and she won't live up to it and you would be disappointed." Barbara, I would not be disappointed on your worst day.

- Snoop Dogg is my guy, but I want it just to be him and me at a music studio, not at a festival, not at a party. I just wanna lay back and smoke with Snoop and make a beat.

- I don't really see Sting as a stoner, but he's a creative artist, so I feel like he probably would consume. It'd be fun to consume with him, and maybe we can jam, make a song.

- So that was one of my coolest experiences, and after that, I was like, "Well, who can I go to now? I guess Obama." Yeah, I think I'd like to smoke with Obama.

- Barack Obama. I wanna hear what he has to say. I wanna hear his thoughts on science and stuff.

- If I sang a song with Sting over cannabis, all the proceeds would go to a good cause.

- That's probably not a good answer, 'cause this would just be an excuse to meet her, so anyone I'd really wanna get lifted with? Maybe my husband. He's never tried it. ♪ Walking on the moon ♪ ♪ Some may say ♪ I don't know.

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If You Could Smoke with Anyone Alive Who Would It Be? | Knowledge For NewBeez S2:E08

Team Green Bee​ shares who they would most like to smoke weed with if they could smoke with anyone alive. Spoiler alert, sharing a joint with Snoop Dogg, was Team Green Bee's most popular answer, followed by with President Barack Obama.  Taking hits from a bong with Koala Puffs was a trending answer.