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- Have I ever consumed in public and have I ever experienced any stigma associated with that?

- [Narrator] Green Bee Life presents "Knowledge for NewBeez."

- Is it against the law to consume in public?

- Yes. You are not allowed...

- I don't, I don't do that.

- to do any public consumption anywhere.

- I know that is not a legal thing, but I was at a pool party, it was a birthday party, and I ended up meeting a couple of girls who were really cool and down to smoke.

- Because we're working in the business, I have to kinda toe the line, but most of the time people are drawn, it's a conversation starter, and there's no problem with it.

- I think you'd be surprised how many people love cannabis.

- You're not supposed to smoke cannabis in public, I know. It is what it is, so I respect people's wishes and I take cannabis where it's appropriate.

- I do it in areas where it might be offensive to other people, and it doesn't even cross my consciousness that it could be wrong, or that I could get in trouble. It's only usually afterwards and after I put it away that I realize, "Oh crap, that's probably not good." And I put it out, you know?

- I don't like to consume in public, I feel pretty awkward whenever I do. I just don't wanna offend anyone else that might be around me.

- I was that same person that was just like, very shy. You don't wanna do too much, but then you see on the beach, you can go to different parts of town and that's all you smell in the air, is just the fresh aroma of cannabis, and it's so refreshing because it's not violence or drugs going on, or anything in a negative way, it's like a beautiful beach setting.

- I haven't gotten in trouble, but my friends have definitely gotten in trouble for smoking cannabis on the beach, which should be illegal. You shouldn't be able to do that, get in trouble for smoking on the beach. That's what life's about, you know? Especially here in California.

- Another girl shows up to the party, and she shows up with her parents. And these girls that I wanna smoke with get kind of shy, and they're like, "We should go smoke around the back of the house so nobody sees." And I thought about it for a second, and then I realized, "No. People aren't drinking alcoholic beverages around the back of the house. This is exactly the problem we're dealing with. We need to show people, not only is this acceptable, it's safe. And it's okay to do around other people."

- Would I consume in public? Yes, because I would. It's time to crush the stigma, right? We don't wanna perpetuate it. But, no, I haven't, and I'm sure I would feel it in my bones that, "Oh, I can get in trouble for this." But that's a fear I need to go toward. So I could rewire and deprogram that conditioning.

- All those stigmas that you have in your mind are being broken just by this beautiful scene that you have. So, of course, I wanna enjoy that. I wanna have, like, my feet up in a hammock and have my favorite blunt. So, getting to do that in Los Angeles, getting to do that around the world, it liberated me to say, "It's not hurting anybody, I'm not gonna be around children."

- If there's kids around, I'll definitely not consume in public.

- Not around the kids, right?

- No, yeah, not around kids. I don't think they should be exposed to it.

- My grandfather was a chain smoker. I remember clouds of smoke being in the living room, trying to watch cartoons through the clouds of smoke. I knew I was never gonna be a smoker. But some of my cousins that was in the same room, they went the other way, like, "Oh, I can't wait to blow my own cloud."

- It's funny how if you try to smoke cannabis in public, which I know it's illegal, it's so frowned upon with people who just are so comfortable with cigarette smoke, but there's nothing wrong with it.

- I think there should be some more conversation about public consumption. If you can smoke a cigarette in public, in a designated smoking area, you should be able to smoke marijuana. I think cigarette smoke is gross.

- Yeah.

- Marijuana smoke is danky.

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Should Smoking Weed (Marijuana) In Public Be Legal? | Knowledge For NewBeez S2:E09

The conversation as to whether smoking weed (marijuana) outdoors in public should be legal is a buzz. Everyone at some point, somewhere, has been around marijuana smoke. It’s that smell that if you’re not sure what it is, it’s probably marijuana and not a skunk, especially if at a concert. Proponents argue that cannabis is used for so many things, pain management being one medicinal use, and the inability to consume in public stops many people from receiving the relief and comfort they need. If people aren’t required to hide their cigarette or alcohol use outdoors why should cannabis consumers? Naysayer’s concerns included not knowing enough about possible health risks, or whether drug tests could detect secondhand marijuana smoke? Let us know your thoughts and questions!

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