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- And that's part of why Barbie and I started a networking group for cannabis professions was because there was a hunger for this information. How I heard that cannabis can help my kid with ADHD, my nephew, or where do I find a doctor?

- As opposed to Ritalin.

- Right, right, or Prozac.

- Prozac. Baby Prozac.

- Where do I find a doctor?

- Oh yeah, where do you find a doctor? Can you tell us some about some of the pediatricians out there who...

- Dr. Bonni Goldstein is one of our favorites.

- Someone we really would love to have on.

- Yes, and I have no idea how long her wait list is these days which only speaks to the fact that we need more medical professionals. The time is now. That's the missing link.

- Now I understand, she stands on the shoulders of her predecessors who risked their medical licenses and potentially are going to prison.

- Yeah.

- Absolutely.

- It's the only way to really help children in a legal way is to get the doctor recommendation from a physician like Dr. Bonni Goldstein, which is a different type of physician than the Prop 215 doctors where you just get a five minute interview and you get your doctor's rec. This is a full examination. She has extensive knowledge in the endocannabinoid system. She's a speaker. She's an author. We need more doctors to step up.

- Dr. Bonni Goldstein, and where is she located?

- She has several centers, they're called Canna Centers. I think there is one in Lakewood and

- Throughout southern California.

- Yes, yes I hope she opens more and recruits more doctors.

- Well, recruits more doctors and teaches them how more doctors can feel safe or not feel safe.

- Because cannabis it's a big thing for people too who are still against cannabis to say, "Oh, save the children from drugs". But I love to say how cannabis is saving the children. It's really making a huge difference in children's lives, especially the ones that suffer from severe epilepsy. There's a form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, and they can have 300 seizures a week. Introduce cannabis in their system, and that drops to 10 or less per week. So you can imagine just the relief that the parents get, and it's natural, and there's no side effects. Oh, maybe you giggle and you get hungry, sign me up for those side effects.

- Right?

- Thank God for organizations like Mary Jane University because that's a resource a parent can turn to. It's a safe resource and it's not threatening. And you guys certainly don't look like drug addicts to me.

- Do I look like a drug dealer?

- Changing that stigma.

- Absolutely and that's we're trying to do, we're trying to promote normalization through education.

Finding The Right Cannabis Doctor | Ladies Kitchen S1:E14

There are many ways to obtain your medical marijuana card, but to accurately assess how cannabis can benefit your health, it is important to go to a specialized cannabis doctor. Dr. Bonni Goldstein has been a #cannahero​ in the space in evaluating adult and pediatric patients' use of medical cannabis to treat a myriad of issues. She is a physician who gives full examinations to her patients at her Canna-Centers where she educates patients and and health care professionals how to access the plant in a safe way. Doctors trained in the endocannabinoid system are emerging in cities across the country, and are key in evaluating how cannabis can support your health and well-being!