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- This truth has been hidden from us. People have been sick, people have been dying, people have lost precious time with their family members, our dog, our pets are suffering in pain. They can't talk to us and they've kept this medicine from us. They've kept it secret. And now with the end of prohibition, we can finally do the research. We can finally give people the help that they need, give people a better quality of life. And part of the reason that I started this business or my experience with cannabis was my mom was sick on so many pills and she... I had to sneak a pipe into the hospital to give her a little toke before she went to bed to take the edge off of all the other pills that she was taking.

- What stage was this?

- Here in California, her end stage, last six months of life. You know, had I had a little vape pen that was odorless nine years ago, I could've snuck that into the hospital and given her that, and part of my reason for this business, my part of the mission was to bring this truth of healing. This truth of... Can we just get a choice? Can I have plants? Can I have what God put on this earth for us? Can I utilize this instead of this pill that you want me to try that has three or four different side effects that could be detrimental to my health or that I could be addicted and cause suicide. And there's so many different reasons, why has this been kept from us? Why has this truth been kept from us? And they've kept us unhealthy, unconnected.

- Who's the they, who do you think is that?

- Well, that's what I wanted to touch on too. I just wanted to point out that the United States government does hold a patent on medicinal properties of cannabis as a neuro protectant and an antioxidant. They are aware that there are medicinal benefits.

- So the classification, I did hear this and I didn't know if it was true. I researched it. It is true. But the classification for that patent confirms that... the classification is for medical efficacy is basically what you are saying.

- Yes and there was a study suppressed in the... Nixon had a study done, actually cannabis being scheduled as a schedule one, one of the most dangerous drugs was supposed to be a temporary assignment. Meanwhile, a study was going on. They were hoping that it would be filled with horrible things and it wasn't, then that study was suppressed and it remained on schedule one, even though it was just supposed to be a temporary thing pending the study results.

- And the really tragic thing... Now I understand this from the new Cannabis Research Institute at UCLA. So hats off to them.

- [Woman] Yeah,

- but the bulk of the money that any research in the United States has done is to be, define the negative side of it. Not to look into...

- Right.

- How it's beneficial

- And beneficial research itself had been illegal. That's why we don't know.

- What?

- We don't know about all these cannabinoids. And we look to other countries who are ahead of us who don't have the hangups that we do at a federal level. There's a lot of good research coming out of Spain as well.

- Spain as well.

- There are so many people who are scared straight. People who have succumbed to this reefer madness...

- Scared backwards. They're not straight...

- They're scared straight that they don't even want to touch it. They don't... CBD derived from hemp. It's not going to get you high. Oh no. It's cannabis. I can't touch it at all. My job. Well, okay. People, the point of it is, that they did such a good job at scaring us away from something that's natural and beneficial to us.

- Well, the reefer madness, I mean, one part of it a contributing factor back in the roaring thirties was the Hearst and the DuPont's because of the threat of the hemp part of the plant to the timber of the cotton industry. And then when you talk about president Nixon, I mean I've read in books about the Vietnam war in the sixties and it was very convenient to keep it there was an agenda to keep it as a schedule one, because minorities and hippies protesting the Vietnam war. If you're a felon, you lose your right to vote. You can't vote. So they did want those felony convictions basically so that people could lose their right to vote. But in the meantime, there were people like our moms suffering or small children with epilepsy..

- Being a young person exposed to it I was, maybe more of that stoner culture. But then when I started by attending and having a connection with the patients, it really changes your perspective.

- Especially the kids, right?

- Young people, exactly

Prohibition Impact on Cannabis Medical Research | Ladies Kitchen S1:E12

The impacts of continued federal prohibition on cannabis medical research tie the hands of researchers, despite state support for cannabis legalization and increasing anecdotal and scientific evidence of its health benefits, This means the gap between how much cannabis is being used in states where it is legal and how little is known about how it works is even greater. #TeamGreenBee is dedicated to the federal legalization of cannabis and showcasing what is known (and yet to be discovered) about the wellness properties of our favorite vegetable. Onwards and upwards for medical marijuana research. #legalizeit