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- Cannabis is arguably the most essential vegetable on the planet. I'm using Dr. William Courtney's terminology.

- No kidding?

- And if we consumed more of it in raw form and his suggestion is five milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

- Hang on, what was that?

- Five milligrams per kilogram of your body weight should be the daily dose of raw cannabis.

- So let me ask you a question. With the legalization, the amount that I would be allowed to grow in my home, would I be able to achieve that dose?

- No.

- If you were a medical patient. If you were a medical marijuana patient you had your state ID card, you can have or you can grow as much as you need for your medical conditions.

- Yes, I mean as much as you need is the thing...

- But she is saying it reasonably

- But you have to get a state card.

- As reasonable here.

- So if it was gone legal

- It's a good idea to get your medicinal...

- Yeah, and the state card is a different level than the card most people have. Actually I even out of my friends, I think I can only account three people that have a state card.

- I have one.

- It's an extra process you have to go through usually with your County Health Department, and that will allow you and who knows up to whose interpretation but supposedly as much as you need to grow for your own personal medical needs.

- Are you protected by HIPAA? If people are afraid?

- Yes.

- I mean, do you get put on some list? And then...

- Right now, the way that the systems are theirs you will go on a list for the state of California as the medical marijuana patient. So, but the way that the system is right now they can't go to your doctor and say, "Oh is so-and-so a patient." They can't release that information.

- To your work going it's HIPAA compliant. If you sign up for a, a dispensary, a medical dispensary they can't give out that information. It's HIPAA compliant. A lot of our software, point of sale software is HIPAA compliant. So all of your trends, you know, Barbie she buys an ounce every week. You know, that stuff is private patient information that nobody's gonna have access to. As of right now, the way that we are protected ...

- Or until attacked

- under our medical license.

- So to get that daily dose will we be seeing in the future someday, like a One A Day? Will there be a capsule if you don't want to grow it and will it be as good?

- Well, all are we turn to, is this is individualized medicine. No one strain is the right strain for everyone. But as we move towards pharmaceutical companies getting more and more involved in cannabis and sort of creating the strain of their dreams, in the laboratory... Once we isolate all the different cannabinoids and all the different terpenes, that's already happening from a flavor and mood perspective, in the marketing and the branding of cannabis, you see a lot of vape pens. They don't tell you what strain it is. They call it relax, because they've pulled together the cannabinoids that they want. They've created their dream mood. But you also have to be careful, I'll take a little tangent, in a lot of those vape pens begin with a crude mixture of leftovers. And the reason it's not strain specific is because it's a hodgepodge of a lot of strains. And then it gets distilled and distilled and more refined. And then they'll add back in terpenes and that's why they can't say, "Oh this is OG Kush or Gorilla Glue or Skywalker OG" because it is so far removed from what it once was. So I love strain specific things. People that really try to preserve the strain and all of its terpenes. Because, once you start to get to know which strains are best for your bodies, hopefully we can rely on these names. But that in itself is another topic of do these names mean anything? Not really.

Is Raw Cannabis the Most Essential Vegetable? | Ladies Kitchen S1:E10

Is raw cannabis what your parents meant when they told you to eat your essential vegetables? Raw cannabis is among top vegetables to eat raw when looking to unlock nutrients and other benefits, but typically requires a state card to grow. Last week on Ladies Kitchen we discussed just how easy it can be to keep cannabis as a houseplant. While caring for your cannabis plant may be simple, the stigma around seeking out a medical card makes it more complex. Team Green Bee is dedicated to shattering the stigma and providing education for new-beez to seasoned cannabis consumers alike.  And remember to eat your vegetables!