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- How would you guide us in different ways to consume.

- So, I may cover the methods of medication. We do bring a few products including tinctures and topicals but these are some of the products that we sell on our website. And these are right now all they have is vaporizers.

- And they've been very carefully selected, right? You have a very strict criteria.

- We have different features that we like for each of them. Specifically, we say low and slow for vaporizers. You wanna avoid the combustion. We also like to preserve the terpene profiles for the flavor. This is the DaVinci Ascent. What I really love about this one is it's really easy to use. Also, it has an all glass of vape pathway so there's no plastics or anything melting. And it's gonna give you a really nice hit.

- And I'm sorry that that's a vape pen.

- It's a portable vaporizer.

- Portable?

- Yeah. And it has a little organic LED screen. This little thing tells you right now that the bowls ready, it looks like a hot cup of coffee. It's really easy to use the bottom just twist open. You can put your flour in there that also has a little canister for concentrating.

- And what I've done is just kind of grounded up a little bit.

- So that would be a shredder. You put the tasted in a... Oh, it's called grinder.

- [Frances] Yes, there's some teeth here, you got the flour you just let it go. Now, you have your ground herb and then...

- Yeah, so I have it set to 220. I believe that's the decarb temperature, any temperature it's gonna be, you can adjust it to what works for you. What kind of experience you wanna have and you just inhale.

- [Frances] Like you're sucking on a straw. And the benefit to that over a pen or a joint.

- Well, you have control over your medicine. You get to put in there what you wanna put in there and how how much?

- Oh, wow.

- [Barbie] So this is known as a dry herb vaporizer meaning you can use the flower, it's different than a vape pen.

- Wow.

- [Lindsey] So and then I also have, this is the Hydrology9. It is also a dry herb vaporizer but it has a water filtration system. So this one's pretty high tech. This is even made from space metal.

- We are a long way from the tent over the rocks in the cave...

- [Barbie] We've come a long way.

- Exactly.

- So, this delivery system is space metal.

- Yeah, it's strong enough. It's supposed to be portable, durable, leak proof.

- But if the idea is to get high, it should be space metal, right?

- [Frances] Spaced metal.

- Yes, exactly.

- Right?

- And it's pretty easy just... and everything's set really low temperature, so you're not gonna see a big plume of smoke. It's gonna be a vapor so I can taste the flavor.

- [Frances] You're getting the purest like form of the medicine when you're vaporizing as opposed to lighting it you get the butane from the lighter or whatever other chemical that it goes with.

- Wow.

- Like an edible, if you have a brownie you're eating sugar as well as the flour and gluten and all that stuff. So this is the one of the best most effective ways to medicate. And then as you can see they're convenient on the go and this Cloudious9 is just fun at parties.

- Yeah, they have pretty long battery life to about three hours on a good full charge.

- Really now and I don't smell anything. So there's no secondary smoke with this?

- [Barbie] Well, it's not smoke it's vapor.

- [Frances] So it's actually just... Some people there's a culture with the clouds. There's a cloud culture.

- [Lindsey] You can turn the temperature up, if you'd like to get more of that smoke out.

- [Barbie] And actually that your next item is all about the cloud.

- Yes, so this one is kind of equivalated to a dab rig like a portable dab rig cause this is gonna be mostly for your concentrates and this has a quad coil. So it's gonna get really hot. This one's going for that heat. You can, I don't know if you can see inside there there's four little coils. You just put your concentrate right inside there put it back together. This one's really cool because it has this magnetic closure.

- [Barbie] Do another demo.

- Now, I can see these parties will be a lot of fun.

- We do have CBD.

- [Barbie] We like to make it a light experience. And like I said as far as the ingestible THC that's limited to 5mg. And when you eat something that's gonna stay with you much longer than when you smoke something.

- [Lindsey] Yeah, when it's processed by your liver.

- Now, could you have just CBD and not even THC in it?

- [Barbie] There are CBD concentrates and there are strains that are higher in CBD.

Vaporizers vs. Smoking Cannabis & Other Herbs | Ladies Kitchen S1:E08

People are looking for natural alternatives to prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs for relief from common conditions. Vaporizing botanicals on their own like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary is a buzz 🐝 but combining them with each other (or better yet cannabis - THC or Hemp/CBD), actually promotes the herb’s healing properties while also offering a cleaner form of consumption to your lungs compared to smoking.   

Chamomile for instance is not only beneficial in tea but also when delivered through a vaporizer. Vaporizing chamomile has been reported to relieve stress, headache, depression, anxiety, and nausea. Producing similar sleepy effects as when steeped in tea, chamomile combined with peppermint and cannabis provides a blissful and calming vaporizing experience. The recommended temperature for vaporizing chamomile is 212°F – 302°F.

Learn more about dry herb vaporizers that have been carefully curated for the purest and most precise vaping experience in our marketplace. 💚

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