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- One of the things that the end of prohibition is gonna do for us, we're gonna see more of these cannabinoids being isolated so that we can use it just to suppress our appetite or we can use it just-

- Oh, wow! There are cannabinoids that they can identify that could potentially suppress our appetite?

- Yes.

- THCV, has already been identified. CBN for sleep aid.

- Yeah. THCV, there's a line of vape pens. So it's the oil in the cartridge with the battery, not a vaporizer like this. And their whole marketing is THCV, it's called Zero and it just gives you focus, takes a little bit of the edge off and it suppresses your hunger. And I actually did do some product testing with it to see if it really did work. And I wasn't hungry throughout the day. I had to actually remind myself, "Oh yeah. You need to eat now." And so, it's learning yourself, learning your body. And that's why our message is, individualized medicine. And that was one of the things that we kind of had to really fight for when we were thinking about these regulations. Cause they wanted to say, "You can only have this much and that's it." But who's to say that my amount of pain is the same as yours?

- It's not based on anything scientific. So they can't just arbitrarily and unilaterally impose these random... There's no research for it to rest on. So there's no guidelines that they're relying on.

- We're creating these guidelines. We are blazing this trail right now and we're importing our hemp oil from Canada and China. When we can be housing people and giving them jobs. And this is a plant that we could harvest and really utilize as a commodity. And when we're talking about presidents starting the prohibition, our first founding father, George Washington, ordered his farm manager to plant hemp everywhere.

- That's right.

- And he was one of our founding fathers.

- That's right. Well, that's when we get into the industrial applications on hemp and sustainable living and how much better for the environment and on and on and on. It really outrages me that I'm just becoming enlightened. Very recently- And boy, oh, boy.

The Benefits of Personalized Medicine with Cannabis | Ladies Kitchen S1:E13

There are many benefits to personalized medicine when it comes to cannabis. While research is still being conducted to learn more about all the different properties of the plant, we know that cannabis and hemp have a slew of natural benefits that can be right for you. For instance, THCV may be an appetite suppressant and CBN may be a sleep aid. Whether it is relaxation, pain relief, or dietary benefits, the key is knowing what is right for you and the best way for you to consume! Check out Ladies Kitchen every Tuesday for cannabis homeschooling with Maria and the Ladies