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The Racist Origins of Marijuana: Legalization, Social Justice & Equity - Green Bee Life

The Racist Origins of Marijuana: Legalization, Social Justice & Equity

As an Afro-Indigenous woman, Dr. Brandie Makeba Cross gives a powerful talk to UCLA students on the racist origins of marijuana, the impact of legalization, and why social justice and equity must be at the forefront of all legislation. Legalizing cannabis is an important step in addressing systemic racism and medical marijuana access but without social equity and equality, it will further hold back Black, Latino, and indigenous people and affordable medical marijuana access to patients. Dr. Cross, Founder, The Pot Lab, speaks frankly about overcoming systemic racism while earning her doctorate in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins Medical School.

A little about The Pot Lab: Dr. Cross pioneered the first laboratory in the world to isolate and stabilize THCA and CBDA from raw hemp (Cannabis). Cutting-edge research and development of novel formulations and protocols using green chemistry. Providing safety and sustainability training, as well as education in the physiological interactions of cannabinoid compounds, medical compounding and formulation. A nationally registered nonprofit organization for the advancement of medical botany.