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3 Cannabis Infused Gourmet Thanksgiving Recipes

3 Cannabis Infused Gourmet Thanksgiving Recipes

A New Way to Eat your greens this Thanksgiving! Here are some ways to infuse your holiday.

When the weather starts to get colder and the leaves start to change colors, nature is telling you the holidays are approaching. Some families' feasts are full of laughter and getting along while others can involve bickering over political and personal views.  One way to calm everyone's nerves (with their consent, obviously) is to infuse a little cannabis into the courses. From the traditional green bean casserole to the main turkey event, we found some fun videos from CUT to show you how to infuse a few dishes in your Thanksgiving feast this year. As always, please check with your local and state laws when it comes to handling cannabis legally.

The first step before cooking with cannabis: decarboxylation

Check out this beginner's guide to decarboxylating cannabis before cooking.

'Green' Bean Casserole

This recipe is chock full of the usual ingredients for the typical green bean casserole like the crunchy french onions, the mushroom sauce, and of course the green beans. There are a few twists to this recipe in order to infuse the cannabis into the dish. One of the most delicious ways is through bacon fat!

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Super Stuffed Stuffing

Bringing the perfect mix of savory and sweet flavors together, this stuffing recipe has a lot to offer. From first glance, you wouldn't think that this dish of delicious stuffing would have any psychoactive effect. Throughout the breadcrumbs, dried fruit, and other ingredients, the cannabis oil is soaked into every bite!

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Funky Turkey

The important thing to remember with this recipe is to make the cannabutter ahead of time because you'll need a good amount for your bird's brine and marinade plus multiple hours to actually cook the turkey itself. The ingredients used for the marinade are fairly basic and full of flavor but you'll probably notice a stronger taste of cannabis when you take your first bite.

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Bon Appétit!

[Video Credit: CUT]
[Recipe Credit: Green Door Seattle]