“Cannabis Flower Quality” Controlled Chaos WATCH IT S1:E2

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Chef and Educator, Brandon Allen shares his experiences on cooking with cannabis on KCAA’s Controlled Chaos with Gary Garver. Brandon is a professionally trained chef specializing in Paleo and Ketogenic Cuisine and the first ever High Time Top Cannabis Chef. He is a certified Interpener which means he can determine Cannabis Flower Quality and Effects purely based on visual and aromatic examination.

Not all cannabis is the same and proper dosing is super important especially when being used for medicinal purposes. Chef Brandon Allen has discovered what he feels to be the most beneficial way to live fully through properly incorporating Cannabis into a nutritional Ketosis diet. After he personally went through a life changing transformation, he hopes that he can share what he’s learned with others who could also benefit from this kind of lifestyle.

From flower quality to the medical and health benefits of marijuana, Brandon and Gary cover various topics including cooking, recipes, edibles, modern cannabis lifestyle, cannabis social events, the human endocannabinoid system, plus cannabis taxation and legalization.

Check out Gary Garver: https://bit.ly/1hFgSDw
Check out Chef Brandon Allen: http://www.chefbrandonallen.com
More information on Paleo and Ketogenic diet: https://paleoleap.com/paleo-guide-to-ketosis/
How YOU can become an Interpener: https://trichomeinstitute.com/interpening

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