Father’s Day Gift Advice for the Cannabis Shy Dad + DIY Sod Pot for Every Dad

Avatar Maria Calabrese |

With cannabis legal on Father’s Day for the first time in many states,  marijuana-friendly dads can finally get something they want.  But maybe dad doesn’t know what he prefers, or he’s never going to ask–and according to Eaze, June 14, 2018 since dads are a little more reticent when it comes to talking to their kids about cannabis than moms, how are you supposed to choose for him?

Eaze asks, “What kind of phone does your dad have”?  And has a gift guide based on your answer that is sure to please!

Is he a “next generation smartphone on private pre-order,” kind of guy?

Is his smartphone cracked, slow, and dated but “Works just fine” kind of guy?

Is he a “Flip Phone” kind of guy?

Or if he prefers a different kind of Green, we recommend Landscape Architect + Designer, Tyler Bankens’, Do It Yourself Father’s Day Sod Pot.

All you will need is a pot, (clay or seeds based upon personal preference) pebbles, soil, one roll of sod, and scissors or a knife! Super simple!!

Tyler Bankens’ mission is to bring the benefits of all plants into people’s lives in an artistic way.

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