Yes — even your beloved animals can enjoy the wellness support of cannabis! The key is understanding when to use it, what kind to use, and how to administer it. We've got you covered with all that info — and more — so you can level up your caregiving.
April 6, 2023
Why Your Vet Can't Talk About Cannabis for Pets

Ever try to discuss cannabis with your fur baby’s doctor and it seemed like the cat had their tongue? There are some good reasons for this, which we’ll dig into in this post. We’ll also go over what your vet can help you with when it comes to cannabis for your pet. And, we’ll close […]

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February 16, 2023
CBD for Dogs & Cats [A Guide for Pet Parents]

You’ve heard great things about CBD (cannabidiol) for humans. But could this cannabis compound prove beneficial for pets, too? Suffice it to say, CBD shows more promise than your prodigious dog on the first day of obedience school. As more research comes to light, we’re learning more about how CBD might help animals. Keep reading […]

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