Online Shopping May Be Cozy, But Not So Clear For Cannabis Products

Avatar Larissa Gomes |


We all want choices. Online shopping has delivered on its promise of convenience with ease. What was once thought of a passing trend, relegated to a niche few who don’t require physically examining their purchases or asking a salesperson various questions. However, now it is safe to say that online shopping is the new normal when it comes to retail. Brick and Mortar retailers have always been limited in what they can store in their inventory as well as the amount of goods they can display.  Let’s face it, not having to deal with pushy salespeople, parking, availability in your region and inconvenient store hours is a pretty great advantage. Online shopping sites are generally simple to navigate and the goods arrive in a timely manner. As any busy, working parent can attest to, it is simply born out of necessity!

Green Life Media offers Over The Top (OTT) with special e-commerce integration, a shoppable technology providing customers with efficiency and expediency.

Green Bee Life’s online store will be open for 2018 and is set to change the face of Cannabis! Even though the industry is faced with advertising challenges, the alternative options are there and the demand is most certainly already rushing in.  With the holidays around the corner, the demand for Cannabis related products has increased and is one of the hottest types of gifts to give right now.

It has become so mainstream that even WalMart carries a 7 foot artificial Marijuana Christmas tree!  The Cannabis lifestyle is changing the holidays and soon it will be normalized to see Cannabis related products more regularly.

Tune in December 24 at 4:20pm as Green Bee Life is proud to present the 1st ever CannaYule log (Former Hallmark Yule log)!

A friendly reminder from all of us here at Green Bee Life: Please make sure you’re safe and responsible- keep edibles away from pets and children and if packaged under the tree make sure they cannot get into it.

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