Brand Partners (unpublished)

Calling Only the Best Brands to Monetize Across Green Bee Life's Channels on our Premium “Watch. Shop. Learn.” Platform

Have a great product you’d like to feature, sell and/or educate about to our loyal and targeted demographics ? Green Bee Life offers multiple channels on a trusted and organic “Watch. Shop. Learn.” platform that can launch content and products on a mass scale, generating increased reach and monetization.

Through our in-house production team, social channels + integration technology and streaming branded content channels, we’re able to cross-promote and partner with select and discerning products (premium, safe and compliant) in multiple revenue generating ways. Maybe you’re looking to clear out overstocked merchandise. Maybe you need engaging product news and educational segments and infomercials. Or maybe you just want to take what you already have (ads, video content, etc.) and push it out to target groups, brand advocates and social influencers.

Exciting New Opportunity for Cannabis Centric & Green Brands

At Green Bee Life, we do it all – and quite fantastically. We’re currently seeking to secure merchandise partnerships for our online marketplace and content channels, product reviews, infomercials and expanding “Know N’ Go” Home Shopping Network on GBL TV. We are seeking companies who are building the best brands and products and looking to leverage the benefits of our platform.

Benefits of Branding with the Green Bee Life Hive

Joining our Hive as a Brand Partner enables you to:

Do you have a socially responsible cannabis / hemp / organic product on the market? Let's talk!