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Maria's Kitchen

Coming in 2023, join me, Maria Calabrese, as I explore the legal cannabis market as it unfolds in my quest to uncover how cannabis works, the best products coming to market, and how the heck to use them with a little bit of help from cannabis industry experts, educators, innovators and consumers. We will spill the tea and share candid individual experiences to help bridge the medical research and consumer information gap caused by decades of prohibition.

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know n' go

GBL TV's "know n' go™ channel takes you on a deep dive into curated products by the leading Hemp lifestyle brands Green Bee Life trusts. Whether you're new to cannabis or a veteran, we believe everyone, in this emerging space, should know first, then go (know n' go) - a one-stop-shop for natural wellness education and locating clean plant products you love while we discover the brands you will love!

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"Knowledge For NewBeez"

Not certain where to begin your wellness journey, who to ask or how to even determine which products are right for you or your pet? Safe, tried, true and tested? No problem, our hilarious cast of noble plant representatives bring diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences, each grounded in a sincere appreciation for high quality products and brands that are good for you and the planet. #TeamGreenBee is here to answer a different question in each episode.

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Green Eye for the Stoner Guy

Confused by dated stereotypes and misinformation campaigns? Be sure to check out our Green Eye panel of experts who debunk stoner stereotype myths and give KCAA/iHeart Radio Host Gary Garver’s desk a makeover while narrowing the information gap with the most innovative natural wellness products!

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Quick Hits

Grow your Know with our Quick Hits curation of video clip Knowledge Bombs relating to all things plant.

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