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Know n' Go

GBL TV's "know n' go" channel is your one-stop-shopping guide for all things green. . . including your favorite plant!  An in depth look at the cutting edge products you love while we discover the brands you will love! Quality, Value & Education.


Discover what hemp plant-based wellness treasures, the way Mother Nature intended, can do for you today to help you boost your well-being and elevate your self-care. Non-psychoactive Hemp-Derived CBD products containing zero to less then 0.3% THC range from bath & body skin care topicals to trans-dermal patches and beyond and are available to customers 21 years of age and older online.

Martha Stewart CBD | know n' go

CBD wellness never tasted so good! Introducing Martha Stewart CBD gummies, tinctures and oils.

Grow it From Home | know n' go

Join backyard gardeners across America who are growing hemp from home!

cbdMD | know n' go

Leah Pruett, professional drag racer, stays focused and on track with this delicious CBD infused smoothie recipe!

cbdMD | know n' go

PGA Master's Winner Bubba Watson speaks on overcoming stress, anxiety, fear and self-doubt through natural solutions.


Discover what to look for when purchasing CBD pet products and our Hive's highest quality, lab tested, veterinarian formulated, hemp derived ingredients and products from the best brands for dogs, cats and even horses to help your pet live its healthiest and happiest life.

VETCBD Hemp | know n' go

Saavy pet parents want to know first then go with confidence when selecting a CBD product for their pet. Dr. Tim Shu, Founder VETCBD shares things to consider about CBD for your pet.

VETCBD Hemp | know n' go

Learn the many ways how hemp based pet products can help your pet thrive, even in the face of everyday stressors including loud noises or the aches and pains associated with aging from these fur baby parents.

How to Keep Medical Cannabis Safe for Your Dog | know n' go

Green Bee Life Founder, Maria Calabrese, sits down with America's Favorite Veterinarian to discuss how discovering the life-changing effects of medical cannabis for her dog wised her up to cannabis as part of her self-care and wellness routine.

Treatibles | know n' go

Emerging research suggests and anecdotal evidence supports that CBD may help with several pet health conditions including stress reduction, mobility, and even seizures. Treatibles, (the first company to create CBD products for pets) Pet Health Communication's Director shares how to keep your pet happy with CBD.


Watch iconic designers teaming up with hemp and fancy herb smoking accessory manufactures who offer striking, one-of-a-kind luxe pieces, to natural smoke odor eliminating candle reviews to user friendly, "set it and forget it" DIY edible making kitchen appliance demos to how to grow hemp plants in your backyard or on your patio. Learn how these products work and Shop the best and most innovative brands to elevate your home.

My Bud Vase | know n' go

Artisan glass water pipes with Founder, Doreen Sullivan, and her mermaid inspired "Yemaya," piece!

Cannabolish | know n' go

✔️ Odor-free

✔️ Amazing ambiance

✔️ Non-toxic, natural ingredients

Green Bee Life | know n' go

Easy recipe that is perfect for adding your favorite flavored or unflavored CBD tincture or water-soluble CBD drink mix.

Grow it From Home | know n' go

Learn DIY floral arranging with Grow it From Home, Head Gardner, Emily Gogol.


Whether you are in the market for or just plain curious about hand-crafted high-fired porcelain smolder trays, crystal glass ashtrays, rolling trays sourced from sustainable black walnut wood, hand blown glass pipes, smart rolling machines for the perfect cone or vases that double as water pipes, we explain how these innovative products work and can be helpful to elevate your day.

Ardent FX | know n' go

Decarboxylate (or activate) and extract, infuse, melt, or bake perfect herbal remedies, oils, butter, edibles, and more, all in one appliance.

Ardent Nova | know n' go

Learn how to decarboxylate at home with Ardent Founder, Shanel Lindsay and the - first to market - herb extractor.

Levo | know n' go

This state of the art herb oil infuser is as easy to use as - set it and forget it!


Cannabolish | know n' go

Introducing a clean-burning soy-based candle that removes, not masks, odors with an impressive 30-hour burn time!

Annabis Bags | know n' go

Shop marijuana fashion friendly items where discretion meets style. Finally designer bags that conceal odor.

Weed For Warriors | know n' go

Support Veteran Organizations advocating for medical cannabis access for veterans.


Bananas Bros. Otto | know n' go

Meet the World’s First Smart Milling Machine.  Automatically mill and/or fill herbs, dried flowers and spices at the touch of a button.

My Bud Vase

Meet My Bud Vase Founder,
Doreen Sullivan, and learn the inspiration behind these best selling water pipe/vases!