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We Love to Tell Brand Stories...

As is any Queen Bee, our founder is very selective, yet receptive, when opening and sharing our Hive. Integrity is a top priority for Green Bee Life. If you're a licensed Cannabis company or in a related business committed to excellence, we would love to discuss advertising opportunities through out our diverse network and broad distribution channels.

Exciting New Opportunity for Conscientious Brands

Join our brand-new premium "Watch. Shop. Learn." platform for a myriad of targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities that mainstream the modern Cannabis lifestyle and explores the wide diversity in and around it.

Green Bee Life is the digital destination for Cannabis-related brands to promote, educate and sell everything from hemp medicinal and environmental applications, to food and beverage products, to chic fashion – through A+ Content + Online CBD/Hemp Marketplace + Retail Locator w/THC Dispensary/Delivery Service Directory to promote brands to a diverse and discerning new class of customer.  Including, but not limited to, curious cannabis newbies, industry innovators, experts, enthusiastic lifestyle advocates and even cannabis skeptics.


GREEN BEE LIFE, and its myriad of channels inform, educate, engage and entertain viewers about the inside happenings, people, brands and products of the Cannabis world. 

Feel the Buzz!