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Why Cannabis Needs Social Equity | Felicia Carbajal | Green Eye for the Stoner Guy | S1:E07

Marijuana Legalization in and of itself does not include diversity or access to the cannabis industry. The racist origins of marijuana prohibition and why social equity is needed is discussed.

The war on drugs impacted and decimated decades of minority lives. Marijuana legalization and its ensuing commercialization require social equity programs to enable access and inclusion into the industry for marginalized populations and communities.

Marijuana's bad wrap is based on racism. In the United States marijuana criminalization still disproportionately affects minority groups. While many states have legalized cannabis, many politicians are holding firm to the fear-mongering and racist propaganda and beliefs barring minorities' entry to commercial opportunities and cannabis industry inclusion. Ironically in the early 1900s, it was Mexican immigrants fleeing poor conditions from their country who brought the practice of growing and consuming "marihuana," the Spanish spelling to the United States. As the list of states legalizing marijuana increases, and with it, great economic opportunity, many politicians hold firm to the early 1900's racial playbook.

Now more than ever we need to understand and advocate for social equity programs.

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