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Have you heard of molecular gastronomy?  Turns out it is the art of cuisine in which all ingredients are weighed out with precision. Just as in a cannabis dining experience, the key to enjoying the enhanced fare is the proper dosing (about 50mg), that which can be done using tinctures, oils and butters. Excitement is building around the emerging rise of cannabis dining, with weed sommeliers and chefs creating unforgettable experiences that touch both your palette and your mind. Nowhere is it more au courant than California, as impending legalization for recreational use set for January, 2018, this could be high dining’s ‘it’ moment.

However, it is still as of now, strictly regulated, so these pop up dining experiences are operating in a grey zone which must be relegated to private property, with pre-ticketing, medical card verified and waivers signed!

No hash brownies or special stoner cookies allowed, this is strictly a fine dining experience, expect a six course meal with wine pairings and subtly infused dinners that are often made with locally sourced products and come with salivating combinations such as ‘weed-oiled fish garnered with tiny pink nasturtiums’ – this one by chef Aaron Ziegler. Other talented chefs that are passionate about cannabis infused dining are Andrea Drummer and Chris Sayegh. Andrea has launched a pop up dispensary called ‘Elevation VIP’ for which she offers ‘tray passing events’, an exotic array of weed infused finger foods. Chris is about to open ‘Herb’ in Santa Monica later this year, this will mark the world’s first ever cannabis restaurant (oh and until then, they offer overnight packages such as a villa night in Malibu with a cannabis menu).

Other notable pop up cannabis dining experiences are:

PopCultivate, by scientist turned chef Chris Yang, who throws parties once a month in Los Angeles’ Arts District. He relies on a seasonal theme and every other meal will be infused.

The Gathering by Kris Morningstar and Sevan Abdessian happens in Highland Park and will run you about $250 per person. They are the chefs behind Patina, and they are offering up a five course middle eastern feast paired with wines.

Cooking with Cannabis by Chicks With Knives – this cooking class allows you to BWOW (Bring your own weed) while you discuss how to make infusions and pair flavors. Everything from dosage control to the ultimate take away of four recipes to try.  It will cost you $125 per person for a three hour class offered every other month. If you’re vegan you can check out a twice yearly class.

Oh Man! This one is very special, Luke Reyes from Butchers and Barbers competed on the Cannabis show ‘Cooking High’ and is now opening a ramen restaurant in downtown L.A.. He does a few pop up cannabis dinners where you can pre buy tickets for $100, and you get a NSFW t-shirt when you leave! His menu consists of Japanese fare of sashimi, ramen and gyoza with cannabis elements of such as CBD oil, flowers and infusions. The location is secret and the afterparty is sure to be will be one to remember.

Recreational legalization is just around the corner here in California, and although there are still may hoops to jump through, one trend seems to be increasing steadily, the ‘high’ dining experience has officially landed on the menu.

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