Bee Line

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick
(Thin & Thick)

$16.50 USD

The world’s first and #1 rated eco-friendly, natural, organic, multi-purpose alternative flame source to butane. 

BEE LINE is human and eco-friendly. It is a natural, organic, multi-purpose product made by combining two ancient renewable resources: hemp and beeswax.  

This hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than butane, so the flavor profiles of your smoke are more prominent & enjoyable… Bee Line lets the user explore flavor profiles that would have otherwise been lost with higher temperature flame sources. Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick Thick Wick burns longer, produces a beefier flame, and is the perfect addition to your next smoking endeavor. 

With 200' at your disposal, you can use it for just about anything! Mainly used as an alternative flame source to butane, BEE LINE is also used for: firestarter, camping, lightning gas/wood stoves and fireplaces, candles, and in gardens, among many uses. A great compact item for your survival gear.


  • Thick Hemp Wick - 13 Strands of Rolled Hemp
  • 200' of the World's #1 Rated Hemp Wick
  • 100% Certified Global Organic (only one on the market)
  • Best Tasting Hemp Wick on the Planet!
  • Roll Measures 2.75" x 3"
  • Made from 100% Organic Hemp and 100% Organic Beeswax (and a lot of Love)

Comes in Two Sizes; Original Gauge 7-strand and THICK Gauge 13-strand.