My Bud Vase® Mermaid
My Bud Vase® Mermaid
My Bud Vase® Mermaid
My Bud Vase® Mermaid
My Bud Vase® Mermaid

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My Bud Vase®

My Bud Vase® Mermaid

$125.00 USD

Say Shell-o! The Mermaid of the high seas has arrived and she is making quite the splash!


  • Mermaid Vase - H: 10.5 inches W: 3 inches
  • Mermaid Custom Slide - 9 millimeters 2.75" large bubble bowl 
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Coral Flower Poker 
  • Hemp Wick with Cowrie shell
  • My Bud Vase™ tag & Certificate of Authenticity

Featured in Forbes, Viceland, High Times, Newsweek, Huff Post and Fast Company


An exquisite showpiece for your home or perfect companion as you slip into a warm bath, you'll "sea" how the My Bud Vase Mermaid transforms your space into a sacred smoking experience.  Contoured in fine ceramic, her textured scales and dipped crackle-glazed finish mirror the ocean itself in a rich ombre of tawny sands, teals, aqua, and seashell white. 

About the My Bud Vase - Empowering Women One Vase/Bong at a Time

My Bud Vase artisanal glass pieces are creatively designed to inspire a uniques character in each vase, offering style and sophistication to match your own distinct flair.  From the ever popular Mermaid vase to the "Friends" trio - Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe these beautifully crafted pieces of functional art will surely delight!  This boutique brand aims to empower women while offering a beautiful alternative to the traditional water pipe.  Connoisseurs who prefer an elegant smoking experience will adore the artistry, ingenuity, and femininity of My Bud Vase's stunning collections.