Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop

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Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop- presented by MJU High Dining

What do sushi and Cannabis have in common? The ubiquitous roll, of course. Why not learn how to roll a ‘joint’ with a flower, and enjoy Cannabis infused gourmet sushi rolls and more? This is not simply learning how to cook with Cannabis, this event has elevated it to an art form. Victor Miller, a professional sushi chef from Alaska (Grammy’s, X-Games, Bill Gates, The Dalai Lama), shared his expertise in a two-hour workshop, to a room full of students, and press media. Hosted by Green Wave relations, Keiko Beatie, the evening was off to an exhilarating start with plenty of culture and entertainment.

Green Bee Life’s own, Maria Calabrese, was there to learn and partake in the festivities. There was a Brite Labs sponsored Vape lounge and some irresistible appetizers to indulge in, such as smoked scallop te-maki, a pot d’huile (pot oil – cannabis infused olive oil with a 2mg THC serving) meyer dry miso and an Ah Ah Poke martini (infused with Papa & Barkley 1:30THC:CBD Releaf tincture)! Students learned how to roll a Sumo crunchy roll with the option to infuse with a tinctured garlic migi sauce. High dining was on the menu!

The height of the workshop had Chef Victor Miller speak on the history of sushi, demonstrate how to roll sushi and educate everyone on what to look for when buying fish to make your own sushi. There was a section of the workshop that concentrated on proper dosing for food, how to find the right flower for meal pairing as well as how to grind your Hummingbird Medicinal flowers.

After the class, there was time to mingle with other like-minded Cannabis enthusiasts. Music was provided by Jack Pharaoh, an experimental live electronic musician, that had everyone enjoying the beats. Some of the influencers met were Molly Pebbler, a Cannabis matchmaker, and a Cannabis sexologist, who is a survivor of abuse and believes cannabis is responsible for her ability to enjoy sex again. There was also a company called Pepper & Co. Medibles, whose products are used in some hospitals for patients with epilepsy.

This event brought together both the curious and the connoisseur who can responsibly enjoy their cannabis.

Sponsors of the event included, Mary Jane University, Pepper & Co. desserts, Papa & Barkley, Pot D’huile, Brite Labs, Faerie Jane and Hummingbird Medicinals.



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