Richard Rose “The Hemp Nut” and Your CannaCoach!

Avatar Maria Calabrese | November 10, 2017

CannaLife Academy was fortunate enough to get an interview with the hemp guru Richard Rose. Since 1980 Richard Rose has been innovating award-winning natural foods, over 150. Then after being in the Inc 500 for a first-mover soy-foods success, he turned his sights to hemp seed in 1994. As a result, the hemp products Mr. Rose produced was a first-mover and are now 93% of Canada’s hemp exports to the US. I won 3 hemp industry product innovation awards for them before today’s companies ever started. After selling his soy-foods company for millions and retiring when the hemp foods market died for 2 years.

Richard Rose was featured on “The Rosanne Barr Show”, has a few cookbooks including “The Hemp Nut Cook Book”, Was a keynote speaker at many events including World Hemp Congress and Cannafest in Prague. He has had mentions on shows like Jay Leno and he is the leader of an army that believes that hemp needs to be available to everyone on the planet!

Richard states that he is back now with more industry innovations. Maybe in 20 years they’ll be 93% of Canada’s exports again? Patent-able processing improvements, emerging product segments, new hemp seed foods, new ways of making hemp seed foods, 90% protein powder, lowest-cost production, new Best Practices, new CBD products, new nomenclature, Nobacco™, Not-Pot™, Medicinal Hemp, Artisanal CBD Hemp buds, CBD in foods, new tech for food and HempNut, Farm Freedom Act, “1% in 2016,” CannaSearch™, so much more. Hemp, pot’s red-haired stepchild, is back with a vengeance. In 10 years, Cannabinoids from hemp will exceed the value of marijuana Cannabinoids.