Weed Weddings – Yes, It’s A ‘Thing’!

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There are traditional weddings, dry weddings and now…weed weddings! This trend is catching on quickly as adult recreational use is about to be legalized in January, 2018 in California. Colorado, Oregon and Washington have already been enjoying this hybrid business idea, why not add beautifully presented buds at the cannabis style open bar instead of a classic martini at the adjacent bar?  A few scenarios to consider, perhaps, the bride or groom don’t want to feel nauseated by downing shots before the big ceremony in order to relax their jitters, or the in-laws can unwind and have a laugh together instead of running around putting out family feuds.  At the end of the big day, people want to feel as though they had a uplifting, stress free party experience.

Some may say weed weddings are an attempt to cash in on all the facets of the impending green rush as there is a lot more money that will be spent to stock marijuana at a wedding than there would be for alcohol. However, the idea is meeting a strong demand so perhaps it is just smart business. It is a lot more than just the simple DIY hack of having a few joints rolled up and available for guests, this is a highly curated experience, with a ‘budtender’ available to explain each strain, presenting some infusions, and edibles to enjoy as well.

There was the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver, and couples could learn from vendors and companies exactly what to expect from their services.  Now Cannabis wedding expos are popping up in California as well. There would be infused edibles, hemp themed décor and thoughts on cannabis party favors (in Colorado one is allowed to gift one ounce of marijuana for anyone over 21 years of age).  Some of the companies spearheading this trend are:

Irie Wedding & Events – a company that offers the Cannabis wedding of your dreams is already fielding requests for booking in the year 2020 and the 4/20 wedding day date is fully booked for years to come.

Love and Marij – this company goes all out if recreational legalization is permitted. You can light up in your limo, hotbox your hotel and have a bud bouquet!

You can hire a weed wedding planning company or you can go it alone if you have enough connections in the industry. One popular and elegant way to incorporate cannabis into your wedding is to hire a cannabis chef and offer some dishes on the menu for those that would enjoy an infused experience.

It is clear that this is more of a lifestyle, being able to indulge in public in a glamorous way and experience a classy cannabis wedding will eventually become normalized.