About Green Bee Life

Changing the Way the World Sees Green
We’re living in an exhilarating time! Cannabis is on the verge of federal legalization. More and more, plant-based natural remedies are becoming medicine cabinet essentials.
There are exciting developments up and down the supply chain every day. Consumers are actively engaging. We are beyond thrilled to be here with you now!

Who We Are Matters

Green Bee Life aims to be a superior natural wellness exchange. Our "hive" is exclusive. And we like it this way — because it yields the greatest value for you!

We Are a Hive of High-Caliber People & Products

We’re all about making it quick, easy, convenient, and enjoyable for you to learn about and shop for emerging natural wellness products. You’re in the right place for quality information and products — so you can be a confident consumer.
We only collaborate with the most upstanding and qualified cannabis educators, advocates, and manufactuerers operating legally in the marketplace. Each brings a grounded appreciation for and expertise to this multi-faceted plant.

Furthermore, all advertisements, paid promotional media, and curated products are carefully monitored and aligned with our mission. We’re pumped to help you discover the best brands and tell their stories through online editorial and video content.

This rigor ensures that we preserve the integrity of information and products presented to you.

We Are Setting the Record Straight with Good Content

In our current environment, information abounds — and not all of it is right or complete or balanced. This presents a huge challenge for consumers who want to find real facts, backed by data and high-quality research. You require sound information to make sensible choices about the cannabis offerings you opt for.

At GBL, we explore and cover cannabis for everything from:

  • Muscle recovery to stress relief to overall health and well-being
  • Daily self-care support to medicinal uses to alternative wellness solutions
  • People to pets to the planet

We provide evidence-based studies that show data on the positive impacts of plant based medicine on the physical, mental, and emotional well- being of people and animals. And, you have access to laboratory tests, analysis and provenance of your cannabis all the way down to the seed. To ensure a well-rounded buffet of knowledge, we also offer details like what other's have experienced (both good and bad), usage considerations, and gaps in research. You know, the stuff you need so you can properly evaluate the information you’re getting.

This makes us your ideal go-to source of clear, concise, correct, and corroborated-by-science cannabis content. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned consumer in this space, Green Bee Life is a welcoming and trustworthy space to learn and grow.

We Are Earth's Stewards

The cannabis industry's history is not shiny and star-studded. It’s gotten a bit of a bad rap, for many reasons.

Despite this, at its core, cannabis is an age-old and extremely versatile sustainable resource. It’s found its place in industries such as textiles, food, building materials, environmental management, and healthcare. Ripe for innovative applications, from root to flower, it has so much to offer!

Yet, so many remain uninformed about cannabis’s many benefits. These unfortunate folks are not just quietly missing out — they’re quick to marginalize cannabis (often quite vocally). Or run from it out of fear, like it was an angry swarm of bees.
At Green Bee Life, we identify with the bees. We see how critical they are to the Earth’s cycles of life. Much as we recognize that our planet needs these striped little buzzers, it needs cannabis. That’s why a portion of our proceeds go to HoneyLove and The Bee Conservancy. These non-profit foundations labor endlessly to protect and save bees around the world.

We Are a People with a Purpose

As you might imagine, we’re busy as bees in honey-making season. But, having a mission and vision that are so grand and important makes all the hard work worth it!

So, what are we trying to accomplish at GBL? And why?

We’re all about inspiring, guiding, and motivating people who’re seeking a better understanding of how incorporating cannabis into their lives can improve their overall well-being. We know that cannabis has benefits when used responsibly — as opposed to many other legal products that have no value or are harmful (e.g., cigarettes or excessive alcohol, sugar, fat, or salt and even pharmaceutical drugs - like opiods - with harmful side effects).

It's to your — as well as our healthcare systems', the cannabis industry's, and others' — advantage to promote “responsible use.” This is how we win over hearts and minds. In turn, this can help level playing fields, reset beliefs, prevent backlash, and facilitate the distribution of high-quality information and products.
"Green Bee Life is your resource for accurate, transparent, and up-to-date content related to cannabis."

Our Promise To You

At the center of all of this is you. So, we prioritize doing right by and for you. It’s all about aligning our values with the things that mean the most to you and make the most positive impact in your life.

The GBL Way

To accomplish this, Green Bee Life is committed to several key activities and approaches, which include:

  • Providing unbeatable learning materials and opportunities for you
  • Offering a tried-and-true curated selection of eco-friendly products
  • Creating a safe space where you can feel comfortable to expand your horizons
  • Shifting the cultural paradigm to normalize cannabis
  • Encouraging holistic wellness and healthful lifestyles
  • Walking the corporate responsibility walk through charitable giving, activism, social equity, etc.
  • Promoting sustainability through greener products and practices
  • Being responsive to your long-term and evolving needs

Whether you’re here with us or going about your day elsewhere, we want you to feel enriched, hopeful, satisfied by your interactions with Green Bee Life. That’s why we aspire to always treat you with respect, empathy, and an upbeat attitude.

The GBL Values

No smoke and mirrors here. We’re dedicated to keeping it real and 100% legit with you. What do we mean by this? At GBL, everything we do reflects our commitment to these core values:
  • Education is paramount. Dispelling lies, inaccuracies, and myths is critical. Equally important — providing reliable information. This two-sided coin of truth telling is the only way to help you build realistic and fact-based knowledge that you can then act upon. It’s also the seeds for cannabis advocacy, cultural change, and more.
  • Quality really is king (or queen). Excellence is non-negotiable. To further your goals and ours, we must have and meet lofty standards for products, information, events — and any other means through which we interact. As a company, every employee, partner, and ambassador gives their all to produce awesome stuff for you. That said, we also feel that, as a cannabis community, striving for superiority is everyone’s duty.
  • Trust is mandatory and earned. Credibility is a necessary cornerstone here. After all, you’re putting a lot of stock into what we say, do, and sell. That is not taken lightly by us! We understand that your faith in Green Bee Life is built upon our honesty, consistency, transparency. We do our absolute best to merit your confidence — you can count on that!
  • Responsibility is everyone’s job. Each and every GBL team member is committed to doing their part to keep you safe, happy, and smarter today than yesterday — don’t doubt that for a sec! As good and thorough as GBL may be, though, some things can’t rest on our shoulders alone. Knowing one’s limitations and acting accordingly is one thing each of us must self-own. But, we’re here to assist by helping you be a savvy consumer. That sort of makes us accountability partners, doesn’t it?
  • Sophistication elevates and honors experiences. This doesn’t mean we’re going to make everything complex and unrelatable. It’s the opposite, really. Simplicity, clarity, and distinction in our offerings ensure you’re hooked into premium products, services, and so on. It also means our processes, platforms, and content are streamlined so they’re easier for you to make use of.
  • Adventure, don’t forget the adventure! We aren’t all seriousness around here, though. We believe in the power of a healthy passion for new experiences. There’s joy, wonder, exploration, discovery, fun, and levity to be found every day. It helps the soul thrive!
Yes, there’s a lot packed in there. But we know it’s the only authentic way to forge ahead.
"You can choose your products based on desired experiences, your own biochemistry and health, and specific cannabinoids and terpenes. Are you taking advantage of this? Or are you overwhelmed?"
- Maria Calabrese

We're Here for You!

That’s right, we’re here to guide you. Cannabis is an interactive trip, so to speak, and we’re your tour leader. So who all is onboard this adventure? You may be surprised at the diverse range of people we serve. (Don’t worry — you’re in great company!) Green Bee Life caters to people like:
  • Newbies doing research on how cannabis might help them and what their options are
  • Stressed out moms who just need a little help chilling
  • Professionals of all sorts looking for a natural focus or creativity boost
  • People with health conditions who’re interested in leveraging cannabis’s medicinal properties
  • Aging adults that want to ease everyday aches and soreness, and maybe enjoy the nostalgia of a weedy youth
  • Casual and social consumers who see cannabis as an occasional pastime or “thing you do at a party”
  • Spiritualists that embrace natural methods of getting closer to themselves, nature, the universe, or the divine
  • Hemp-derived CBD enthusiasts who have zero interest in getting high
While they might seem like a dissimilar bunch at first glance, they really aren’t. They’re all just seeking more natural and safer wellness alternatives to pharmaceuticals, invasive procedures, and alcohol for what ails or troubles them. They want comprehensive solutions that lead to better sleep, pain reduction, stress relief, and more. It’s probably fairly easy to see yourself amongst these kindreds when you think of it like this….
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Green Bee Life
*FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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