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Mix Up Your Mocktails With a CBD Drink Mix

with Dr. Joan Irvine & Maria Calabrese
It’s natural to crave a drink after work or when hanging out with friends, but that drink doesn’t have to come with the aging effects of alcohol and sugar. In this episode of know n’ go, Dr. Joan Irvine shares her favorite way to make a drink that’s great tasting and great for you with HOLISTIK Wellness CBD Drink Mixes. Available in a range of benefits with travel-friendly, sustainable packaging.
Meet Our Featured Guest

Dr. Joan Irvine

Dr. Joan Irvine is a nationally-renowned author, speaker, cannabis advocate, and educator for aging adults. She’s also a consultant, advising select brands on ways to tap into to the over-55 market. Dr. Joan began her career at L'Oreal before becoming a personal coach, therapist, and doctor of clinical hypnotherapy. Her specialty is to empower people to have healthier lives — including more enjoyable sex — as they get older. Hypnosis, behavior modification, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and, yes, even cannabis are among her go-to tools.

Meet Your Host

Maria Calabrese

GBL Founder, Maria Calabrese, thrives off giving a voice to the cannabis industry's most innovative brands and community, while helping them get the exposure they deserve to unleash the full potential of cannabis as a wellness solution. Her education and experience include marketing, law, cross-cultural communications, TV/film management and production, branding, advocacy and mentorship. During this massive shift from traditional television to new media, her focus has remained on the empowerment of the cannabis consumer, educators and brands across all mediums. She believes content should say something meaningful, not just make noise to compete for eyeballs.

Non-Alcoholic CBD Drink Recipe

Happy Hour with a Blackberry Vanilla Mocktail

They'll think you are drinking a Manhattan and you'll fit in any crowd, but you know the secret - that you'll get home safely and wake up tomorrow rested and ready to conquer the day with the help of our soothing blackberry vanilla mocktail. This one is perfect if you are tired of the same old fruit juice mocktails and looking for something more grown up. It is lightly sweet and sour, with a smooth earthy vanilla base that keeps you drinking them all evening.
Wellness-Boosting Ingredients
1/3 cup blackberries
1 ounce lemon juice
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tbsp raw honey
1 can ginger ale
A few ice cubes
  1. Combine blackberries, lemon juice, vanilla & honey with a splash of ginger ale in shaker & muddle.
  2. Pour through a strainer into your glass.
  3. POP and POUR, then Stir in a HOLISTIK STIK of your choice.
  4. Fill remainder of glass with ginger ale and ice.
  5. Optionally, you can garnish with additional blackberries or lemon wedge
  6. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions about HOLISTIK CBD Stiks

Will HOLISTIK Stiks get you high?
No - the HOLISTIK Stiks are made with broad spectrum CBD, which is processed to have non-detectable levels of THC. This means that the THC cannot be detected with the sensitive lab equipment used to test the products, so in all sense, there isn't any THC in the product. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for making you feel high, so without its presence, there is no worry that you will feel high when using this product.
Do HOLISTIK Stiks have a taste?
There is no smell or taste with any of the HOLISTIK Stiks. They will not interfere with your enjoyment of your favorite beverages.
Can you put HOLISTIK Stiks in alcohol?
Yes you can put HOLISTIK Stiks in alcohol. There is no limit to the beverages you can use as the carrier for this wonderful product.
How does Holistik grow their hemp?
HOLISTIK hemp plants are grown in Buffalo, NY in a Biodynamic Greenhouse. The farm is built in line with their mission of sustainability and sets the standard in environmental protection. The facility boasts a completely temperature-controlled ecosystem, where the plants never touch soil or the outside air. The greenhouse is entirely powered by a natural gas engine, capturing the output and producing clean CO2 to the plants. Most importantly, the greenhouse uses 95% recycled water; 95% less than field grown hemp. After harvesting, only the finest hemp buds containing the most CBD are sent to be processed.
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