We Can End Police Violence in America

Change happens when actions—big and small—are maintained over time. Where you put your attention matters. How you spend your money matters. Staying informed and voting matters. When we are intentional and thoughtful about where our time, attention, and resources are going, we can be agents of change every day.

The cannabis community, in particular, can be a true ally to Black Lives Matter, the fight for justice and equality, and the movement to build sustainable change through action. We are no stranger to the devastating effects of systemic racism and inequality—the history of cannabis and the War on Drugs are steeped in it. We are also no stranger to standing together, unifying our voices, and enacting cultural and systemic change. As a community, let’s come together and give our voices and our strengths to the movement for equity and justice. Let’s turn our experience, knowledge, resources, and superpowers into action.

Demand Action from Your Representatives

Find your representatives, see where they stand, and demand action to end police violence.

*The purpose of this analysis is not to endorse particular pieces of legislation, but to empower communities to hold their representatives accountable for taking action to end police violence. *The advocacy tool includes bills that are currently being considered and bills that have been voted on by a state's full house (lower) or senate (upper) chamber where vote roll call information is available at OpenStates.org. More bills will be added as they are introduced by legislators.

Here are some ways to support justice and equity in the California cannabis community and beyond. Please reply to let us know what other resources, petitions, organizations, fundraisers, and businesses you have to share—we’d love community input and we’ll keep adding to the list!

From Our Friends at Meadow

Ways You Can Support Right Now


Register to vote and get family, friends and community to do the same. Ultimately, this is where we have the greatest power to change the structures and systems that have allowed injustice to prevail. Local elections are often the most overlooked but have a huge impact on nearly every aspect of everyday life, including policing and public safety. Black Lives Matter and ending police brutality have wide support across the country, but if those same supporters do not cast their ballots then real, impactful change will not be sustained. Register. Read up. Know your voting plan. Vote. Repeat.


Hood Incubator
Equity First
Supernova Women
Minority Cannabis
Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana
Southern California Coalition
California Minority Alliance

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