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Green Bee Life

The leading cannabis lifestyle brand for discovering emerging health & wellness products while telling their story. . .
A curated marketplace & learning center designed to inform, educate and empower consumers seeking
a healthy lifestyle and community

Green Bee Life

Our History & Mission

Green Bee Life is your resource for accurate, transparent, and up-to-date information about innovative plant-based products for a healthy lifestyle. In today's emerging market you can now choose favorite natural wellness products based on your desired experiences, your own biochemistry and health, and specific cannabinoids and terpenes, which, if you are anything like me, was and is often overwhelming.

I created Green Bee Life as your go to guide for discovering the knowledge and products you will love! As a child of D.A.R.E. I am excited to "Just say KNOW!" Together, Join Me, Know then Go & Welcome to Our GBL Hive!

Maria Calabrese, Founder
Thank you Green Bee Life for the honor to host and for always covering what matters most in our industry.
Doreen Sullivan
My Bud Vase, Founder & CEO
The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.
Willie Nelson
Thanks to Green Bee Life for rocking change and giving enthusiasts a platform to be heard.
Jacqueline Epcar
Weedhead, Founder - Musician
Special thanks to Green Bee Life our media sponsor! All of our classes with THC Design will be available online made possible through Green Bee Life TV!
Maha Haq
UCLA CannaClub, Co-Founder
Green Bee Life has set itself apart as a leader in digital hemp education.
Mayra Delgado
PifCalifornia, Co-Founder
Green Bee Life is the most unique Lifestyle Brand. Their innovative products are an expression of the healthy modern cannabis lifestyle - Bold, Elegant, Pioneering!
John Verniero
Spesana, Chief Business Officer

Wellness Never Tasted So Good!

Infuse, Melt, or Bake!

Motherhood, is there a cannabis strain for that? - Green Bee Life

Motherhood, Is There a Cannabis Strain for That?

Moms (and dads) make people.  People, in turn make culture, so it stands that parents are society’s original and largest influencers. Who better should have access to self care, natural remedies and comfort measures?  After all, we are as strong as the women (and men) who raise us.

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How the endocannabinoid system and menopause symptoms are connected - Green Bee Life

How the Endocannabinoid System and Menopause Are Connected

Menopause is a normal part of every woman’s life, but it can also be a very difficult time. With symptoms like mood swings, lower sex drive, hot flashes, sweating, racing heart, headaches, vaginal dryness and soreness, painful sex and difficulty sleeping. . .
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Understanding how cannabis is used in beauty and lifestyle products - Green Bee Life

Top three questions to ask when considering how cannabis is used in beauty and lifestyle products

You can find this controversial plant in all sorts of products, from cosmetics like lip balm or eyeshadow to body care products like topical lotions, shampoos, or toothpaste, to consumables like candies, mints or infused water... 
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