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Thank you Green Bee Life for the honor to host and for always covering what matters most in our industry.

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The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.

Willie NelsonSinger-Songwriter

Thanks to Green Bee Life for rocking change and giving enthusiasts a platform to be heard.

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Special thanks to Green Bee Life our media sponsor! All of our classes with THC Design will be available online made possible through Green Bee Life TV!

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Green Bee Life has set itself apart as a leader in digital hemp education.

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Green Bee Life is the most unique Lifestyle Brand. Their innovative products are an expression of the healthy modern cannabis lifestyle - Bold, Elegant, Pioneering!

John VernieroIntegra Connect, President
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Using cannabis as a sleep aid for women over 50

Using cannabis as a sleep aid for women over 50

A good night’s sleep isn’t always an easy thing to come by. And as we age, getting high quality sleep can become even more difficult - especially for women. For some women, this means tossing and turning all night and yawning all day, which can have a serious impact on daily functioning and enjoyment of life. This has left some wondering whether options like cannabis...

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What all of the sweeping new drug legislation really means

What all of the sweeping new drug legislation really means

2020 was a disaster in so many ways. But it was a surprisingly good year for political progress on cannabis, as well as drug reform in general. In the midst of the pandemic, the fires, and divisive presidential election, we also saw big wins for cannabis advocacy, and signs that both public and governmental support for cannabis reform is on the rise. So what does...

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Cannabis / Kannabus history, gift giving and holiday traditions

Cannabis / Kannabus history, gift giving and holiday traditions

Holidays in the midst of a pandemic have uprooted everything about the end of the year including the desire to feel rooted to one another.  The comforts and or discomforts of not being able to see family, share experiences with friends, sport ugly sweaters (replaced by not so stylish masks) and added pounds may have altered but not deterred our gift giving traditions during this...

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