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Thank you Green Bee Life for the honor to host and for always covering what matters most in our industry.

Doreen SullivanMy Bud Vase, Founder & CEO

The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.

Willie NelsonSinger-Songwriter

Thanks to Green Bee Life for rocking change and giving enthusiasts a platform to be heard.

Jacqueline EpcarWeedhead, Founder - Musician

Special thanks to Green Bee Life our media sponsor! All of our classes with THC Design will be available online made possible through Green Bee Life TV!

Maha HaqUCLA CannaClub, Co-Founder

Green Bee Life has set itself apart as a leader in digital hemp education.

Mayra DelgadoPifCalifornia, Co-Founder

Green Bee Life is the most unique Lifestyle Brand. Their innovative products are an expression of the healthy modern cannabis lifestyle - Bold, Elegant, Pioneering!

John VernieroIntegra Connect, President
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Know n' Go

A Healthy Vegetable to Eat Raw: Juicing and Salads with Cannabis

A Healthy Vegetable to Eat Raw: Juicing and Salads with Cannabis

“In strict medical terms, marijuana is far safer than many of the foods we consume.” – a finding from the U.S. Department of Justice The automatic reaction to ‘throw some raw weed into my smoothie, please’, will likely be one of shock. Most reactions surrounding consuming the cannabis plant in its raw form echo the lack of awareness that when consumed as a raw food,...

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Cannabis infused yoga

Cannabis infused yoga

Controversial? Yes. Trendy? Definitely. Therapeutic? The jury is still out on cannabis and yoga.   [womens-sports-bra-3] Call it what you will, ‘stoned yoga, ‘420 yoga’, ‘ganga yoga’, or simply ‘infused yoga’, the rise of cannabis use with yoga is taking hold. Many yoga enthusiasts consider the benefits of pain relief working in unison with exercise as nothing short of extraordinary.  Those who have tried it and...

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Understanding how cannabis is used in beauty and lifestyle products

Understanding how cannabis is used in beauty and lifestyle products

When people think about cannabis, the first thing that pops into their mind is usually someone smoking a joint or taking a puff from a pipe - not applying lipstick, drinking a bottle of water, or moisturizing their hands. But these days, cannabis is going through some big transformations. You can find this controversial plant in all sorts of products, from cosmetics like lip balm...

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