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  • A senior man and woman wearing blue shirts looking at a computer as they research COAs for their CBD products.
    Certificate of Analysis (COA): All the Basics You Ought to Know
    If you want to know what’s in your cannabis product — and you do — the certificate of analysis, or COA, is going to be your best friend. It’s loaded with need-to-know info that will help your CBD and THC use be safe and effective. Keep reading to learn what it is, why it’s important, how to use it,….
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    Ropes made from hemp on a ship with the ocean in the background.
    Amazing Hemp: A Look at Hemp Uses Throughout History
    Over time, hemp’s uses have grown — it’s in everything from food and healthcare to textiles and construction. Keep reading to learn more.
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  • High Holidays | Cannabis and Judaism, G'mar chatima tova
    As we prepare to celebrate Yom Kippur during this year’s High Holidays, we’ve decided to explore Cannabis and Judaism. Of course, there’s the decorating, the candles, the music, the planning, the feasting and fasting, the family, the friends, the self-reflection, the resolutions. It is a time of renewal, spiritual awakening, community and giving, beginning with […]
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    Cooking with Cannabis - Learn Decarboxylation for Beginners
    One of the biggest misconceptions about infusing cannabis into food and drinks is that you can just throw some marijuana nugs into a recipe and wah-lah, now you have an edible! Not the case. Raw cannabis will not give you the full psychoactive effects because it doesn’t naturally have THC but rather the acidic form of […]
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  • Cannabis Criminal Justice Reform & the Last Prisoner Project
    We have a big problem in the US. Our federal, state, and local corrections systems have record numbers of people filling their cells and holding rooms. Yet, despite the legalization and/or decriminalization of various forms of cannabis, there are legions of people still sitting in jail for cannabis-related drug offenses that are no longer crimes. […]
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    The Rise of a New Type of Yoga Is Taking Hold
    Controversial? Yes. Trendy? Definitely. Therapeutic? The jury is still out on cannabis and yoga. Call it what you will, ‘stoned yoga, ‘420 yoga’, ‘ganga yoga’, 'hemp yoga' or simply ‘infused yoga’, the rise of cannabis use with yoga is taking hold. Many yoga enthusiasts consider the benefits of pain relief working in unison with exercise […]
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The History & Mission Of Green Bee Life

A Welcome From Our Founder

Hello and Welcome!

I created Green Bee Life in response to the urgent need for cannabis product clarity I faced as a curious yet confused consumer determined to find information and brands I could trust. 

The information gap created by the lack of clear federal regulation, patchwork of inconsistent and often contradictory state regulations combined with the lack of research, testing and safety requirements, results in a market strife with uncertainty that threatens consumer awareness, safety and trust. 

As a chronic back pain sufferer who was raised to fear and grossly misunderstand cannabis as a child of D.A.R.E. yet determined to understand how this plant works and can improve lives, I went from concern to action! Green Bee Life is the emerging results of my actions.  I welcome you to join me on my exploration to change from "Just say NO!" to "Just say KNOW!"

Maria Calabrese,
Meet Maria
*FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
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