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Many people may have this uncertain view of cannabis and its side effects. Change is imminent, and in the modern age, legalization is in our grasp if more people are informed and engaged. However, some people with the wrong idea of cannabis may hinder cannabis advocates’ efforts for legalization. We believe legalization has a positive effect on society, so we advocate the right to consume cannabis for medical purposes.


This platform allows everyone to participate and evolve in the cannabis discussion. Contrary to what many believe, the industry is full of opportunity and is much more than recreational use.


Our vision is to change that perception and inspire conversation and tolerance that could lead to more informed cannabis opinions. Read our website for bold, diverse, and edgy content regarding the different effects, impact, and applications of cannabis, and its latest product developments.

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A medical cannabis law for animals will allow veterinarians to provide guidance regarding safe and effective use for pets. Join animal lovers’ efforts to legalize medical cannabis for pets in California and support (AB-2215) a bill before the state assembly that could keep cannabis safe for pets.

Petition For Compassionate and Safe Use of Medical Cannabis for Animals in California

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